Bali Designer & Photographer

Hi, my name is Gatot Imam S, I'm a senior graphic designer and I like to design / create stuff.

So far in my young career, I've done a lot of Web and print work but I'm always looking for new and exciting challenges. Is it something I've never done before? Awesome, bring it on. This thirst for challenges is what I thrive on and what keeps me going.

My new site is designed so that the focus is put on content, rather than the actual container and is meant to show you a small showcase of what I've done and most importantly, what I can do.

I've been working at Ramayana & Co for a few years now, and much of the work you see here could not have been done without the collaboration of the great team we have there. I've also been freelancing for the vast majority of my professional career so feel free to drop me a line if you need my services.
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  • Rama Hotels Bali
  • Creative Design Furniture
  • Oline Interior
  • Inside Manado
  • Contact for freelance
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